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Industrial manipulators and industrial grippers

Handling and moving heat pumps
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Crane and manipulator technology for heat pump production

The increasing demand for heat pumps due to the energy crisis has led to this led to all heat pump manufacturers continually expanding their production capacity. In this context efficient heat pump production plays a crucial role. This is where Strödter comes into play: special lifting techniques and handling aids from their Light crane and Manipulator program deliver to well-known heat pump manufacturers.

For the successful planning of heat pump production and the assembly of the heat pumps in final assembly as well as for the Strödter has a variety of lifting equipment such as manipulators and special grippers for picking the finished units developed. These make it possible to precisely assemble the individual heat pump components and assemblies at the assembly workstation to be picked up and assembled precisely for screwing a heat pump unit.
Depending on effectiveness and requirements, articulated arm manipulators are used at the individual assembly stations as well as in the Station lines, rail-movable lifting axis manipulators are used. An outstanding
advantage for the Assembly workstations are integrated Balance control of the manipulators.
This balance control allows the assembly
worker to handle the Lifting components

effortlessly, guiding them precisely and closing them delicately while floating assemble. STRÖDTER has with his systems complete Assembly and picking lines for well-known companies Heat pump manufacturer equipped.
A special feature of these assembly and picking lines are the elevated, smooth-running aluminum rail tracks with ROLLYXPLUS running rails, used for moving the lifting axis manipulators and electric chain hoists become.

The stand portals for suspending the running rails for large-scale assembly lines are made of lightweight Aluminum polygon support profiles by STRÖDTER.
These stand portals were set up free-standing without anchoring to the ground, which makes them particularly suitable for Installation in areas with low floor loads and in multi-story production facilities.

Well-known ones Heat pump manufacturer have the entire assembly and handling technology from the planning of heat pump production through to implementation Heat pump production lines, complete "Everything from a single source!" from the STRÖDTER Handling technology related.

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Heat pump industrial manipulator with rail system
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STRÖDTER Light crane rail system portals and lifting aids

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Choosing the right handling technology for setting up heat pump production

The manufacture of heat pumps requires a high degree of precision and quality assurance. Successful manufacturing depends on the implementation of effective STRÖDTER handling technology to ensure that components can be properly assembled and tested. Here we are looking at how production for heat pumps should be set up and what role STRÖDTER handling technology plays in this. The first thing to consider when setting up heat pump production is that requires a large number of components to be assembled into a single unit. Therefore, effective STRÖDTER handling techniques must be planned into production to ensure that each component is assembled properly. One way to achieve this is to use semi-automated assembly systems that optimize assembly processes and increase precision. Handling technology also plays an important role in testing the finished Heat pumps. Before delivery, the heat pumps are tested for functionality and performance. The use of automated testing systems makes it possible to speed up the testing process and ensure that each heat pump is properly tested. Another important consideration when setting up heat pump production is the storage of the components. It is important that each component is easily accessible and stored properly to ensure that it
remains in good condition and has no damage or defects. Effective handling techniques, such as the use of automated storage and retrieval systems with STRÖDTER handling technology, can help optimize storage and access to components. In order to establish an effective production facility for heat pumps, it is also important that the personnel have appropriate training and experience on the lifting aids has. Workers must be able to use handling techniques effectively to increase productivity and quality of production. Comprehensive training of personnel by STRÖDTER is therefore essential to ensure that production runs smoothly and that quality standards are adhered to. It is therefore clear that successful production of heat pumps requires careful planning and implementation of effective STRÖDTER Handling techniques required. The use of automated assembly, testing, storage and retrieval systems can help increase productivity and quality of production. Appropriate training from STRÖDTER is also crucial to ensure that handling equipment is used effectively and quality standards are maintained.